Top 3 Questions about Hair Extensions answered

It is important to make a fully informed decision before having hair extensions, and you probably have lots of questions. Here we have brought together 3 of the most asked questions and answered them.​

How long does my hair have to be to get hair extensions?

To create a style with extensions where you get a smooth and natural blend into your own hair we recommend to have at least 10 centimeter length of your own hair.


Will extensions damage my natural hair?

When installed professionally by a trained and certified stylist and maintained well at home, extensions should not damage your hair in any way. It isn`t hard to take care of hair extensions, but you will need to take the extra time to care for them and follow your stylist recommendation on great after care at home.

We also recommend using products that are extensions friendly based on your stylist`s professional advice on what will be most suitable for your hair type and your new hair extensions.

What is the advantage of tape extensions?

Tape extensions are lightweight so they will not feel heavy on your natural hair or damage your hair when applied and maintained well. The tape distributes the weight of the extensions on a section of hair strands, which prevents damaging your own natural hair.

Tape extensions may be used both on fine and coarse hair types. It`s easy to gently remove and reapply. At Voke Master Hair Extensions we have developed a innovative and gentle tape system that can be tailored to your individual hair type and lifestyle.