Voke Care Collection

Our collection especially developed for soft, shiny and natural looking hair. We have handpicked natural key ingredients from algae extract, pomegranate extract and arganoil to help strengthen the hair from the inside and give the hair an antioxidant boost and shine. All our products are suitable for normal to dry hair and are made to be hair extensions friendly.

Our collection is developed and tested over time by hairdressers with formulations without sulphates and parabens.

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Key Ingredients


Algae Extract

For long-lasting rich hydration, stronger hair and more shine. Repairs dry hair by restoring the hair`s natural fiber.


Pomegranate Extract

Combined with sunflower seed oil, which helps to combat dehydration and gives UV/color protection.


Argan Oil

Unique combination of argan and sunflower seed oil for rich moisture, soft and shiny hair.

Caring For Your Hair

Caring for your hair extensions at home with formulas especially made to be extensions friendly is the best way to maintain the quality and longevity of your hair. Always bear in mind to avoid using conditioner, leave-in, hair mask and oil at the roots or close to the tape of your hair extensions as this may affect the quality of the tape.

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