The hairdresser’s advice on how to care for your extensions

We`ve picked the brains of the Voke Master Hair Extensions Specialists Team on how to best care for your extensions hair. To maintain long-lived colour and texture, it is important to get the maintenance ritual for your extensions down. Here are the do`s and don`ts when it comes to really care for your extensions.

Brushing your hair

Carefully brush your extentions every morning and evening. When washing the hair, always brush the hair both before and after the hair wash.

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  Use the brush recommended by your stylist to ensure gentle brushing of the hair and the tape. This should either be a natural brush or a brush that has natural hair combined with nylon. Why? These types of brushes will be extra gentle on the tape.

  Always brush the hair gently and divide the hair into smaller sections and gently work through any knots carefully and gradually.

  Start with brushing the lengths and ends, and then work your way up towards the roots.

  Be sure not to pull the hair and avoid and be especially gentle while brushing close to the tape.

  If you want to back comb your hair for volume, always avoid backcombing the extensions hair.

  Avoid hairstyles or head bands that pull the extensions such as a tight pony tail for the first week after a new application of extensions. In general it is recommended to avoid any hairstyles that will pull the extensions.

  When you sleep, long hair extensions can get tangled and knotted, causing damage when you brush them through the next morning.

  Prior to bedtime, it is recommended to braid your hair into a loose braid as this will avoid knots. This will also give your lovely soft waves in the morning.

Washing your hair

Everyone has their own way of washing their hair, but when you have extensions there are some important new rituals that will help you take great care of your hair extensions.

  Wait 48-72 hours to wash your hair for the first time after you have had your new extensions fitted. Why? This will ensure the best durability of the tape.

  It is recommended to wash your hair 2-3 times per week when you have extensions.

  While washing your hair, avoid washing it with your head upside down.

  Always use shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for hair extensions, recommended by your extensions stylist.

  Avoid using home care products that contain keratin or products that are oil-based as this will affect the quality of the hair.

  Never use conditioner in the hair roots or close to the tape.

  Going to the sauna, bathing in salt water or a pool with extensions is not recommended as it may damage or impact the colour of your hair, in addition to damage the quality of the tape.

After washing your hair

  Get rid of any excess water and gently dry with a towel. Do not let the hair dry over time in a towel or in a bun.

  Add more moisture to the hair after washing it, to ensure your hair will be soft and smooth, by using a leave-in product recommended by your hair extensions stylist.

  Invest in a hair mask every third hair wash to give your extensions enough moisture to stay soft and smooth.

  Always dry your hair by using a hairdryer to avoid the tape staying wet for too long. If the tape is not completely dried, it may affect the quality and durability of the tape.

Drying and styling

With your new hair extensions, you will have many more options on creative styling on your new locks!