Pump up the volume: How extensions can be great for shorter hairstyles

Who says hair extensions have to be long? Many consumers across the globe are looking to hair extensions to add body, volume and thickness to their style.

Tape extensions is great for shorter hairstyles as the tape is lightweight and will add minimal weight to your overall style. For those with shorter hair styles and fine hair, tape extensions is the perfect solution as the tape is super thin and blends exceptionally very well with your natural hair.

Here we have installed hair extensions for body and fullness and a tiny bit more length. The fullness of the style makes it stronger but yet soft and textured with natural movement.


voke post 2

Before extensions

voke post 3

After extensions


The bob is one of the most iconic hairstyles throughout times and comes in many lengths and can be personalized to suit your facial shape.

Hair extensions on shorter hair styles is a great way to change up your style for a fuller and more textured look with lots of body and movement.